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For many years I’ve had the opportunity to be involved in many video production environments from production units built on folding tables in trailers to 56 foot mobile trucks, multi-million dollar HD/SDI facilities and most everything in between.  From top fuel car racing sitting near the finish line (a bit dangerous) to corporate communications, sporting and entertainment events, single camera to 20 camera events. I’ve come to the conclusion that a multi-camera fly pack is the best of all those world’s.  Here’s why!

With our fly pack you don’t need an expensive semi-truck to tow a large trailer with expensive over-the-road taxes and DOT restrictions in which the costs are passed onto the customer. At the other extreme you don’t want to spend valuable time building the production room wiring the cameras, tally’s, intercom, reference and record machines every time you set up and then hope every cable is in the right place.

Our Two Roads fly pack is well-integrated with a 40 x 40 router that can send signals in any direction and with video aux bus sends on the switcher you can route video at the touch of a button.  We can up/down and cross-convert HD and analog signals to accommodate most formats.  Our audio is embedded in the sdi signal and is also available as an analog signal too! Please check with us! Our fly pack has IFB (in ear communications) and wireless audio capabilities.

We offer live character generated graphics and live webcasting services. We can even take it a step beyond to customize your website through our content distribution system.

We been in the industry for several decades and have evolved through linear and non-linear desktop technology. If we don’t have the answer for you, we’ll find it whether you hire us or not!

We love what we do! We love the fly pack world!

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Brian Abe
Brian Abe

Brian Abe is an award-winning visual story teller, producer, multi-camera director, editor and leader of creative teams.

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