We produce video content for a diverse group of organizations including live town hall meetings, executive communications, conferences and sales events. Our webcasting events range from single camera to multi-day, multi-camera conferences.

Our webcast solution provides:
  1. Full access to the TVR proprietary webcast platform. We are not dependent on On 24, Webex, Go to Meeting, U Stream, Live Stream, YouTube, Facebook etc. (although we also stream to those platforms)
  2. Your branded and customized registration page
  3. Hosted destination – URL friendly
  4. Log in credentials, reminders and email integration
  5. Built in pay-per-view option
  6. On-demand portal with archived presentations
  7. Your event becomes the online archive immediately following the event
  8. PowerPoint slides integrated and downloadable slides within the event player
  9. Post event editing
  10. Technical support during live event
  11. Chat options during event
  12. Primary and back-up streams

Our experienced production and leadership team will handle every element of your web stream including setup, lighting, sound, presenter rehearsal and training and custom portal design using your brand.

“The live stream resulted in well over 50,000 viewers.”

TRV serves Charlotte, Raleigh, Winston Salem and the upstate South Carolina area.

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